132A Aqua-Peeling with Peel +


Removes dead skin cells, neutralizes pigment spots

What is the procedure?


Cleansing and toning of the skin with products tailored to the individual skin condition for thorough removal of make-up, dirt, sebum, and dust

Aqua peeling Peel+

Alpha hydroxy acids gently remove dead skin cells and accelerate the skin renewal process

Final care

Serum, eye care, moisture, sun protection. Tailored to the individual skin needs after each treatment

How does the treatment work?

This powerful skin peel involves vitamin- and mineral-rich fluid being applied onto your skin and simultaneously vacuumed away. Dead cells and impurities are released and removed, while your skin is stimulated to absorb these nutrients. The result is deeply clean, enriched skin, reducing your fine lines and wrinkles and giving you a glowing complexion

Treatment benefits:

  • Visible skin rejuvenation - with tissue tightened and lifted, with pigmentation spots reduced
  • Collagen and elastin production is stimulated, and mineral absorption enhanced
  • This is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment - instant, lasting results without recovery time


30 min