121A Cold Plasma


Removing 99% of its surface bacteria free of side effects

What is the procedure?


Cleansing and toning of the skin with products tailored to the individual skin condition for thorough removal of make-up, dirt, sebum, and dust

PlasBelle® Cold Plasma

Energy from cold plasma is directed at your skin, eliminating 99% of bacteria on your skin’s surface while fighting inflammation and couperosis

Final care

Serum, eye care, moisture, sun protection. Tailored to the individual skin needs after each treatment

How does the treatment work?

By means of a targeted gas discharge, the cold plasma of PlasBelle® counteracts inflammation, germs, and bacteria and thus promotes the faster subsiding of inflammations and prevents the development of new ones.

Enlarged pores are minimized and impurities such as blackheads, pimples, dead skin cells, and 99% of bacteria on the surface of your skin are removed. By having a powerful anti-inflammatory effect and controlling sebum overproduction, this is the ideal treatment for people with acne and problematic skin. The result is a clean, smooth, and even complexion that looks instantly fresh, firm, and radiant

Treatment benefits:

  • A clearer complexion with visibly radiant skin after just one treatment.
  • Enlarged pores are minimized - blackheads and pimples are removed
  • Your skin's sebum production is rebalanced in the long term
  • Anti-inflammatory effect - fights future skin inflammations



30 min