211A Lifting Gentle


24K Gold (Classic)
LED Light Therapy

What is the procedure?


Cleansing and toning of the skin with products tailored to the individual skin condition for thorough removal of make-up, dirt, sebum, and dust

24K Gold Botanifique Collection

Combining the luxury of 24-karat gold flakes with innovative hyaluronic acid, this powerful anti-aging formula results in an immediate tightening effect. Your skin feels softer and hydrated, radiating a natural glow

Zero Gravity Perfectio X

Infrared light therapy to produce collagen and elastin fibers and reduce hyperpigmentation

Final Care

Serum, eye care, moisture, sun protection. Tailored to the individual skin needs after each treatment

How does the treatment work?

Organic, high-end cosmetics enriched with active ingredients nourish your skin, while Infrared Light Therapy (Perfectio X) technology delivers precise doses of energy to its deepest layers - encouraging your skin to produce both collagen and elastin fibers.

This specifically-developed combination of anti-aging therapies promotes skin rejuvenation, resulting in a youthful lifting of your skin, as well as a reduction in sagging and pigmentation spots

Treatment benefits:

  • Remarkable anti-aging effects. Skin appears lifted, with pigmentation spots reduced
  • Clinically proven to increase intradermal collagen production - giving you a younger appearance
  • The Botanifique mask and Infrared Light combination allows for deep skin penetration - for long-lasting results
  • Painless, non-invasive treatment with no side effects - suitable for all ages and skin types



45 min